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Important Legal Information

Latest update: 14 October 2022

General Information

This website is only for the use of persons residing in jurisdictions where Fidelity European Pension Plan is authorised to distribute its pension schemes or where no such authorisation is required. This information has been prepared for information purposes only and does not constitute tax or legal advice, or an offer to sell, or the solicitation of an offer to buy, any investment, pensions or insurance product.

The information contained on this website is not directed at, and must not be acted upon, by persons in the United Kingdom, or the United States of America, or in any jurisdiction where it would be unlawful to do so.

Fidelity and Fidelity European Pension Plan only gives information on their products and services and do not provide investment, or any other type of advice based on individual circumstances. The information contained in this site is not directed to any party that may be defined as a ‘retail investor’ by the home regulator of the country in which the website is being accessed. Unless otherwise stated, all views are those of Fidelity and Fidelity European Pension Plan. The information contained in these pages does not form part of a contract and cannot be relied upon for contractual reasons.

Intellectual property rights

Copyright, registered and unregistered trade marks, database rights, rights in domain names, designs or models, company names, brand names, patents and all similar rights in this site and the information contained in it are owned by Fidelity, its licensors or relevant third party content providers. You may use the information on this site and reproduce it in hardcopy for your personal reference only. The information may not otherwise be reproduced, distributed or transmitted to any other person or incorporated in any way into another database, document or other material. Any copy of materials which you make from the site must retain all copyright or other proprietary notices and disclaimers contained therein. Trade names referred to in this site are trade marks owned by or licensed to Fidelity or other content providers. Trade marks owned by Fidelity or providers of content on the site are used to act as an indication of source or origin of associated services. Nothing on this site should be considered as granting any licence or right under any trade mark of Fidelity or any third party, nor should you attempt to use, copy adapt or attempt to register any trade mark which is similar to any trade marks or logos appearing on the website or in the information herein.

Accuracy of information

Fidelity believes that the information on this website is accurate as at the date of publication, and uses all reasonable skill and care in compiling the information. No warranty of accuracy is given and no liability for any error or omission is accepted by Fidelity, Fidelity European Pension Plan, its affiliates, directors or employees, or by Fidelity, its affiliates, directors or employees. Errors or omissions in the information may occur because of a number of factors which are inherent in any internet access system and are not within Fidelity's reasonable control. For example, unauthorised access to this website, or the effects of machine, software or operator error or malfunction in connection with data transmission. This website is accurate only on the date that such information is supplied by Fidelity via its internet service. The relevant date for any particular information is the date printed on the page on which the information appears. In view of the above, Fidelity advises you to confirm the accuracy of any information with Fidelity before seeking to rely on such information.

Fidelity/Fidelity International means FIL Limited and its subsidiary companies. Fidelity, Fidelity International and the F- logo are trademarks of FIL Limited.

Use of this website

All rights, including copyright, in the text, graphics and layout of this website and in all software and software compilations are owned by or licensed to Fidelity.

The information provided via this website is provided to you only upon the terms herein, and provided for your use in respect of your own internal and legitimate business or personal purposes (the "Permitted Purpose"). You are not permitted, without our prior written consent, to copy, transmit, reproduce, publish, display, distribute, store, modify or adapt this website, its contents or underlying software, other than for the Permitted Purpose.

Fidelity reserves the right to grant or revoke the authority to use this website at its absolute discretion. Whilst every reasonable precaution has been taken to ensure the accuracy, security and confidentiality of information available through this website, Fidelity cannot be held responsible for any consequence of any action carried out by any user authorised or unauthorised. Fidelity only provides information about products and services and does not give investment advice based on individual circumstances. Should you wish to seek advice, please contact a financial adviser.

Any opinions or recommendations expressed on third party websites are solely those of the independent providers, not of Fidelity. Fidelity does not guarantee or give any warranty with respect to the information contained on such third party websites, and shall not be liable for the timeliness, sequence, accuracy, adequacy, completeness or any other aspect of the information contained on such third party sites or sites linked to such sites. Fidelity shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your reliance upon such information. Any links to third party sites are provided solely as a convenience to users and at your own risk. Fidelity makes no representations as to the accuracy, completeness or any other aspect of the information contained on such third party sites or sites linked to such sites and shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your reliance upon such information. Any links to third party sites are provided solely as a convenience to Users and at your own risk.

Fidelity takes no responsibility for the content of third party websites that you may access following links from this website. We strongly advise that you read the privacy policy and terms and conditions relating to any third party websites that you visit.

Availability of System

The system may be temporarily unavailable or restricted for administrative or other reasons and Fidelity does not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with loss of use of the system. In particular, your access to the system may also be prevented by certain factors outside the reasonable control of Fidelity (a “Service Disruption Event”) including, without limitation, the in-operation, inefficiency or unsuitability of the equipment used to access the system, and the unavailability, in-operation or interruption of Internet or other telecommunication services.

Fidelity does not accept any responsibility and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with such a Service Disruption Event unless in case of gross negligence or wilful misconduct. Fidelity reserves the right to terminate the site and to vary what is on the site, at its absolute discretion.

Privacy and the use of cookies

Fidelity European Pension Plan and Fidelity undertakes to maintain the privacy of any personal information submitted via this website. Details of how Fidelity maintains and processes personal data is set out in the privacy policy.

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Cookies can only be read by the web server from which they were originally deployed, and they do not allow access to the rest of your computer or any other personal information about you.

Fidelity's cookie policy outlines our use of cookies. The policy provides information about these cookies and how they are used on Fidelity websites, and how to manage them.

Cookie policy

Company Information

This website is issued by FIL (Luxembourg) S.A. authorised and regulated in Luxembourg by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier. FIL (Luxembourg) S.A. is the administrator of Fidelity European Pension Plan. FIL (Luxembourg) S.A is a member of the Fidelity group of companies and is registered in Luxembourg under the company number R.C.S. Luxembourg B 29112. The registered address is 2a, rue Albert Borschette, BP 2174 L-1021 Luxembourg.

The Fidelity European Pension Plan (registration number I16) is authorised by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier in Luxembourg. The Inspection générale de la sécurité sociale, as competent authority, is responsible for the operational oversight of the FIL Retirement Plan in Luxembourg.

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