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Moving towards your goals

At its heart, saving provides financial security, freedom, and protection against money emergencies. And having savings can help you to improve your financial wellness and reduce stress in your life.

Establishing and working towards your savings goals can help you feel better prepared for those important moments in life, such as buying a house, helping family members, or affording the retirement you want. Knowing what you want to achieve is important, and, like exercise, little and often is a great way to start.

Have you thought about your long term financial goals?

We found that 95% of people we asked said that being financially comfortable in retirement is one of their long term financial goals. *The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey, 2021

Get to know your goals

Understanding your goals is important, as it may help you to stay focused. So when starting to save, the first step is knowing what you’re saving for. It could be simply for peace of mind or:


Buying a home

Whether you're buying your first home or moving home.


A special event

Like a wedding or important birthday.



To give yourself a financially comfortable retirement.


Refurbishing or renovating your home

Like painting the kitchen or installing a new boiler.



From an annual trip to a once in a lifetime experience.


Starting a family

Helping to cover the costs of your growing family.


Timeframes are key

When you are thinking about saving, it’s important to know why you’re doing it. You might have some shorter-term goals that are relatively straightforward – getting your emergency savings in place, for example, or planning for something special, such as a wedding, a holiday, or a new car.

For the longer-term goal of building retirement savings, you’ve already made a great start by saving into your retirement savings plan. Retirement might feel like it’s a long way off, but caring about your retirement savings plan now might make it the biggest investment in yourself and your future.

Short and medium-term
Long term

Discover your financial wellness

See how much you've already saved

Checking how much money you’ve already put away for retirement can help you feel more confident about the progress you’ve made. Log in to PlanViewer to see how you’re doing.

Take control of your day-to-day

Find out how creating a budget can help you to take control of your finances now and for the future.

Be prepared & protect what matters

Being prepared for the unexpected is an important aspect to feeling good about your financial wellness.

A quick summary on saving

  • Create savings goals, work out what you need to save and by when, and pay yourself first.
  • Keep timeframes in mind. As you're most likely saving towards both short and long-term aspirations.
  • Remember, a small increase to your retirement savings today, could make a difference tomorrow.

*The Fidelity Global Sentiment Survey, 2021. The sample consisted of respondents with the following qualifying conditions: aged 20-75; either they or their partner were employed full-time or part-time; a minimum household income of: Australia: A$45,000 annually; China: RMB 5,000 monthly; Hong Kong: HK$15,000 monthly; USA: US$20,000 annually; Canada: CA$30,000 annually; UK: £10,000 annually; Mexico: $4,500 MXN monthly; Ireland: €20,000 annually; Germany: €20,000 annually; Netherlands: €20,000 annually; France: €20,000 annually; Italy: €15,000 annually; Spain: €15,000 annually; Japan: 3m yen annually; Brazil: R$1,501 monthly; India: ₹55,001 annually. The data collection, research and analysis for the above markets was completed in partnership with Opinium, a strategic insight agency. Data collection took place between July 2021 and August 2021. Reporting and analysis took place between August 2021 and October 2021.