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You can transfer in benefits from other pension plans

Over the course of your working life, it’s likely you will work for several different employers, each providing different retirement benefits. If you have pension benefits from previous employers, you may wish to consider bringing them all together in one place.

Bringing your pension plans together can take time, and no benefit payments to you can be made from your account until the process is complete. Subject to the agreement of the Fidelity European Pension Plan (FEPP), you may be able to transfer your entitlements from previous employers' retirement plans into your account with the FEPP. 



It’s your pension, no-one else’s. Change your investments when you want and learn how you can create a retirement income.



Bringing your pensions together could make them easier to manage.


Lower costs

It could be cheaper, as we don’t charge a service fee and you will only pay for your investments.



With over 50 years’ investing experience, more than 2.5 million customers entrust their investments to Fidelity.*


Better estimates

Estimates we make about how much money you might have when you retire may be more comprehensive if your pensions are combined.

*As at June 30, 2022

Important factors to consider

Before going ahead with a pension transfer, we strongly recommend you compare the charges, tax position, features and services your previous pension plan offers against the benefits that this Plan provides. This may involve checking the financial position of the plan you wish to transfer out from and requesting a transfer value analysis. A regulated financial adviser will be able to help you with your decision. 

If you are requesting to transfer into this plan from a defined benefits plan (such as a final salary or career average pension plan) or any pension plan containing protected benefits, you must seek advice from a regulated financial advisor. 

Any transfer in received on your behalf will be invested in the default investment option as defined in the Pension Rules. Alternatively, you can choose which funds will be used to invest your transfer in. If you’d like to select your own funds, you can do so via the ‘change investment choice’ option under 'Actions', available in PlanViewer. You should make sure you understand the risk profile, costs and investment objective on the fund factsheets of each of the funds you choose. You can find the fund factsheets in PlanViewer. 

The plan provider and administrator can only give information about funds and services and are not permitted to provide advice based on individual circumstances. 

Transfer-in requests

If you are considering transferring entitlements from another pension plan into your account, we ask you to complete the ‘Transfer-In’ form online in PlanViewer. We will then confirm whether the transfer is permitted in accordance with the pension rules and legislation in force at the time you make your request.

Transfers in can be complex, so we also recommend that you seek independent financial advice to find out if transferring is the right move for you. In addition, certain conditions may apply, such as a requirement to obtain financial advice.